MERLIN Dynamics AX Connector

Download and Upload Data from Dynamics AX

The Dynamics AX Connector is an integrated module of the MERLIN Server. The utility supports a bi-synchronous import and export of work orders and respective operational information to Microsoft’s Dynamic AX 2012 and to and from machines on the shop floor.

The Dynamics AX Connector communicates with Dynamics AX in real-time.  It automatically prioritizes and queues transactions by date and time stamp and minimizes the errors found in manual input systems.  Additionally, it improves inventory accuracy, auto parts counts, and provides accurate job costing data.

Once the Dynamics AX system creates a production order, it’s a simple process to access work orders, routings, jobs or Kanban cards.  The Operator selects/scans the job to be run from a list on the hand held, (HMI, Tablet or traveler) and runs the job. Or, a user can queue a job through the MERLIN Job Queue for a specific machine.

The advanced functionality in MERLIN allows work order information to flow seamlessly from Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 through MERLIN Manufacturing Execution System to the machine on the shop floor and relate actual productivity to Dynamics AX back, an electronic traveler, delivering a paperless shop floor.  The benefits of plant-wide visibility mean proactive response, less downtime, improved production scheduling and quality, as well as more extensive data analysis and reporting capabilities, often translating into a 10%-50% increase in efficiency.

Features & Benefits


  • Product Standards loaded from Dynamics AX to MERLIN automatically
  • Shift Schedule downloaded from Dynamics AX , by machine
  • Work Orders scheduled by machine from Dynamics AX
  • Operator list automatically generated
  • Auto Count good & rejected parts with root cause
  • Reject Reason and Down Time Reason counts collected
  • Work order run-Now functionality to run machine work order immediately
  • Integrations to shop floor Dynamics AX transaction terminals
  • Native SQL and other files supported


  • Accurate shop floor data, automatically.
  • Eliminate data entry or scanning delays, real-time.
  • Minimize errors found in manual input systems.
  • Improve inventory accuracy, auto part counts.
  • Provide accurate job costing data.

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