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Aerospace Customer Chooses Memex Complete OEE+DNC System

Memex announces a new aerospace customer that has gone live in production to monitor and control the machines on the shop floor in its plants in North America. They are utilizing Memex’s complete system to address their OEE and DNC requirements. This gives them the ability to monitor production status, run time, down time reasons, reject causes in real time and automatically report on OEE accurately. In addition, they have control of their part programs with Memex’s completely re-designed, state of the art, new DNC software, called AxDNC. Work orders on the floor are managed through Memex’s OEE+DNC and are integrated to their Baan ERP system as well as their CAD/CAM part programs and HR reporting.

This project has taken over 1 year to deploy due to the number of plants and machines as well as the development of enhanced integrated OEE+DNC functionality. This customer uses Memex’s entire mainstay solution of hardware, firmware and software system, including configuration utilities, to monitor their plant and depends on Memex’s file transfer capabilities to reliably transfer all of their metal cutting programs to the shop floor. The benefits to the customer are significant in terms of efficiency of operations, with potential improvements at the shop floor of up to 20%. Connectivity of their machines to the enterprise network allows them to do many more operations as well as the machines now have on-board OEE+DNC with additional memory and functionality. Corporate level visibility of OEE and production ensures effective management of operations assisting in delivering quality products on time for their customers.

MEMEX - Measuring Manufacturing Excellence Logo

Memex Launches Ax9150 Universal Machine Interface (UMI)

A Platform for Manufacturing Plant Wide Productivity:
Connect any Machine to Monitor & Control with OEE + DNC

Memex Automation introduces CNC connectivity with Machine Monitoring & Control OEE+DNC which will deliver productivity enhancements and can reduce operating costs and increase profit.
Ax9150 UMI is the first product to utilize this revolutionary way part programs are managed on your factory floor.
Easy installation on any control with configuration utility and our proven, patent-pending, Dynamic Computer Aided Machining (DCAM) is incorporated in the Ax9150 UMI.
Software for OEE+DNC can be in the package.
Old machines can now perform at today’s standards with features like: Local CNC Memory; SD + Flash Memory; support for all makes + models of machines; powered by machine (12-24V), magnetic mount; 8 – 24 Inputs + 4 Digital Outputs.
Integrated OEE+DNC for Virtual Manufacturing, Connects to any ERP business system, with extensive reporting, including web based viewing and alerts to your email, PDA or Phone.
Onboard DNC & extensive firmware, Embedded OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), Ethernet connectivity, OPC capable connections all for Machine Monitoring & Adaptive Control.
If you can Measure it — then you can Manage it

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In The News: A New Communication Medium

As one of the first in our sector to have a web site (August 1994), Memex has always been trying to leverage new technology to the fullest.  This overhauled website for instance is made in an open source Content Management System called Joomla and is carefully tended to by the Memex team. For most of the life of Memex we have cared for the website and tried to convey the excitement of our long journey lead by a vision of the future.

Memex intends to revolutionize shop floor connectivity and truly “Automate the Automation”.

Back in the 90’s we had a part of our web site called “In The News” and there I reported on the weekly (and sometimes daily) advances we had made towards success. It was fun and allowed dealers and customers a glance into the passion and dedication the staff had towards the realization of our vision. I am hoping that this blog will serve such a purpose. We are “up to something” and the journey is more important than the destination I suspect.

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A Note on the Passing of John T. Parsons

On April 19, 2007 the manufacturing world lost a great man, John T. Parsons of Traverse City, Michigan.

Mr. Parsons filed over 20 patents in his lifetime but is best remembered for the 1948 Numerical Control patent that founded the multi-billion CNC machine tool industry. In 1998 the Society of Manufacturing Engineers honored him after 50 years of contribution.

At the 1998 IMTS show, hosted by MDSI of Ann Arbor Michigan, we were introduced.  Mr. Parsons agreed to join the Memex Board of Advisors and helped with the strategic direction and support of our vision of the future.  We mourn the passing of a great man who has a carved his name in the history of manufacturing and honour the inspiration he was to many, including our company.