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Memex Working with Consortium of Universities on Dynamic Computer Aided Machining (DCAM) Project

Memex announces that it has been awarded a significant grant to work on a state of the industry dynamic computer aided machining (DCAM) project in a consortium with leading universities, aerospace companies and industry partners. This is a five year grant from NSERC and will have Memex’s Ax9150 hardware board as a key component in delivering results. The benefits of this project are to improve quality in the final pass of machining, so as reduce by 50% the cycle time, minimizing broken tools, increase efficiency overall by 35% and provide an accurate audit validation trail. This validates Memex’s position as a leading technology supplier to the machining industry working with the top universites, such as McMaster in delivering advanced products for manufacturing efficiency.

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“Internetworking” the factory floor to your World

Original article posted online by Canadian Tooling & Machining Association (Winter, 2009).

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CNC Data Server Increases Productivity & Improves Reliability

Memex Automation Inc. introduces a CNC DATA SERVER connectivity tool built upon its existing staple of connectivity tools that maximizes program usage at the machine.  Save time and increase reliability by loading large files locally (buffering up to 2 Gb) with a graphical interface for “drag and drop” of files between a PC and CNC.

Ax2200HS offers supplemental memory and is the first product to utilize this revolutionary method.  Part programs are managed on your factory floor, files are transferred seamlessly between CNC and PC.   Installation is easy on any control with our many options for Universal Network Interfaces.  Old machines can now perform at today’s standards.

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Memex OEE+DNC Increases Productivity and Lowers Costs for U.S. Aerospace Customers

Memex announces that many new aerospace consumers in the USA and throughout North America have chosen our products to monitor and control their machines on the shop floor. They are utilizing Memex’s complete system to address their OEE and DNC requirements. This gives them the ability to monitor production status, run time, down time reasons, reject causes in real time and automatically report on OEE accurately. They have control of their part programs with Memex’s newly re-designed, state of the art DNC software, called AxDNC. Work orders on the floor are managed through Memex’s OEE+DNC and can be integrated to their ERP systems as well as their CAD/CAM part programs and HR reporting.

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CMTS October 19 – 22, 2009

Memex to Exhibit Integrated OEE + DNC Machine Monitoring & Control at CMTS 2009

A truly unique step forward in manufacturing productivity will be demonstrated by Memex Automation Inc. at the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show to be held in Toronto, October 19-22, 2009. Memex Automation will be at Booth 2023.

The ability to integrate OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) machine monitoring and DNC program control in real-time provides significant increases in efficiency and profitability. Memex Automation’s mainstay product, the Ax9150 Universal Machine Interface for DNC connectivity, has been expanded with OEE capabilities. The OEE+DNC product is attached directly to the machine and provides local memory, embedded software, high speed network connectivity, and adaptive control that will enhance and improve legacy machine tools, delivering higher efficiency and increased productivity. This hardware and software toolset can connect to any machine in a plant including CNC machine tools, conventional or hydraulic punch presses, injection moulding machines, and manual processes or machines.

“If you can measure it, then you can manage it.” Now manufacturing managers can monitor the status of every machine in their plant, giving real-time visibility of production and the ability to adapt and control the machine. “The benefits of machine monitoring lead directly to increased productivity. Our customers have seen up to a 20% increase in shop floor efficiency, delivering more value than the cost of a new machine.” says Memex President & CEO Dave McPhail. Large multi-national manufacturers and leading companies in many industries such as aerospace have adopted this technology.

To deliver real-time machine monitoring and control, the OEE+DNC product effectively listens to the heartbeat of the machine, reporting and logging what is happening inside. Because it has both data inputs and outputs, the Ax9150 UMI can pre-process machine instructions and post-process real-time machining data in order to adapt to changing conditions at the machine. “Memex has succeeded in performing adaptive control in parallel with programs running on the existing machine – it’s like a low cost retrofit. In effect, we Automate the Automation,” said McPhail.

About Memex Automation Inc.

Memex Automation Inc., a unit of Astrix Networks Inc., was created to leverage the research and development of Memex Electronics, which was founded in 1992. Memex continues its tradition of serving the discrete manufacturing sector, providing electronic components such as advanced memory upgrades for CNC’s, BTR’s, handheld devices, and PC cards. A focus on visionary shop floor communication technology helps customers to Automate the Automation so as to increase productivity and decrease cost. Memex has developed Dynamic Computer Aided Machining technology that delivers value with real-time production machine monitoring and control utilizes OEE+DNC software solutions. Expert service is delivered remotely from its head office in Burlington, Ontario including a large dealer network for local on-site service. More information can be found at or by email to

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