Factory of the Future

Here you will be able to find information from the Factory of the Future webinar that took place Thursday May 30th, 2013. at 11 am.

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Factory of the Future – May 30, 2013

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We know this was a concise presentation, meant as an informative overview.

The internet has been such a huge benefit to society, opening up so much information for everyone.  Now the technology is here so that you can access the information directly from the machines and connect automatically to your ERP systems.

If this interests you, then we suggest that a more detailed presentation be arranged for your team specifically, say 1-2 hours.  Bring the stakeholders of Management, Engineering, Production and Operations all together, and simply let us in Sales know so we can schedule it with you.  Our sales team are all trained to dig deep into the technology side for your benefit.

Better yet, contact our Sales department today to try a no obligation pilot on a machine, or cell, or line of machines.  The benefits are significant, 10%-50% improvement by measuring exactly at the machine, and linking shop floor to top floor.  The Factory of the Future!

In association with Microsoft, MTConnect Institute, Ellipse Solutions and Memex Automation, you will see with a live demonstration how utilizing a Manufacturing Execution System directly with an ERP business system has immense advantages with plant operations. The Factory of the Future is vertically and horizontally integrated – vertically from Shop Floor to Top Floor, and horizontally throughout the plant-wide operations.  The benefits are many and often lead to 50% – 100% increases in profitability.

You will hear leading industry experts view of the future for manufacturing, with:

Gil Garcia, Director Manufacturing Industries for Microsoft

Dave Edstrom, President and Chairman of the Board  MTConnect Institute,

David Rourke, Manufacturing Consultant, Ellipse Solutions LLC, an MES systems integrator

John Rattray, VP with David McPhail, President & CEO, Memex Automation Inc. 

Dynamics 365 to MERLIN MES Videos

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connects with MERLIN

Below are two videos that cover how the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and MERLIN MES system interact.

These are proprietary and confidential to MEMEX, designed to communicate and educate companies engaged with MEMEX for a potential business relationship, and are not for general widespread distribution.

1.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 to and from MERLIN MES:

Duration: 13:53

2.  Short Version:

Duration: 7:43

BNN Interview with Memex Automation

Watch BNN interview David McPhail, President and CEO of Memex Automation, describe how Memex manufactures a suite of hardware and software products, connecting the shop floor to the top floor in real time, and measuring Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), a universal worldwide metric in defining how efficient manufacturing works.

BNN Interview with Memex Automation

Watch BNN interview with David McPhail, President and CEO of Memex Automation, describe how Memex’s solution can improve productivity and profitability.

CTV Interview with Memex Automation

Watch the CTV news report, featuring Memex Automation, about how to make improvements to your productivity in the manufacturing plant.

Flexible Manufacturing with Robot and CNC

Machine Monitoring & Control with OEE + DNC Enables Flexibility for Manufacturing Productivity

For the first time, integrated machine monitoring and adaptive control with OEE+DNC has been demonstrated using a robot to aid loading a CNC machine, offering automation for manufacturing flexibility and productivity that can increase profitability.

A showcase, hosted by the Canadian Tooling & Machining Association at the New Age Robotics site, demonstrated an ABB robot loading and unloading various materials integrated with a CNC machine to manufacture several discrete parts. The two machines were controlled by one Memex Ax9150 Universal Machine Interface (UMI) board. The Memex ProductionACE OEE+DNC (Overall Equipment Effectiveness + Digital Numerical Control) server software was connected to the UMI board, which in turn was connected to the robot and the CNC machine. OEE software monitored the machines in real-time and determined production status linked to the scheduled work orders. When the CNC machine was ready, the command was given to the robot to begin the load sequence for the material defined in the work order. The CNC machine was then given the specific DNC part program to be loaded, also referenced in the work order, and the command to begin machining. The mixed production material was loaded by the robot and the different parts were dynamically machined by the CNC. It was a masterful demonstration of flexible manufacturing, with all the benefits of an expensive FMS system done on a budget.

Manufacturing today demands both the adoption of new practices and new technology. “In order to improve productivity, including unmanned production shifts, machines on the shop floor need to be analyzed continuously and adapted to real-time conditions. If you can measure it, then you can manage it. This plug-and-play technology reduces the cost of integration.” said Memex President & CEO Dave McPhail. The Ax9150 UMI offers CNC machines real-time OEE machine monitoring and DNC control. As a co-processor installed next to the CNC control, the Ax9150 UMI provides local memory, onboard DNC and embedded OEE, and effectively “listens” to the heartbeat of the machines, reporting and logging what is happening inside. Because it has both data inputs and outputs, the Ax9150 UMI can pre-process machine instructions (G-Code) and then post-process real-time machining data in order to adapt to changing conditions at the machine. In short, Memex has succeeded in implementing adaptive control on existing CNC machines – a low cost upgrade that offers significant productivity improvements.