Interviewing Memex at IMTS 2014

Industry Week Magazine YouTube Channel – Sept 10, 2014 – Memex Automation CEO, David McPhail, talks about the productivity gains possible by tapping into industrial big data.

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IMTS TV Video Profile of Memex Automation

IMTS TV – September 10, 2014

An in-depth look at some of the exciting technology found in the exhibitors’ booths.

Dave Edstrom and David McPhail of Memex Automation explain how MTConnect and the new Ax760MTC board can  improve productivity and profitability.

Canadian Tech Brings MTConnect to Older Systems

Rob Colman of MP&P interviews Memex Automation’s President and CEO, David McPhail, on the newest innovation launched at IMTS 2014, the Ax-760 MTC CNC hardware adapter that connects all machines no matter the make, model or vintage.

CEO Clips Interview with David McPhail

David McPhail, President and CEO of Memex Automation, was interviewed by Business Television (BTV) for a CEO Clip documenting what Memex Automation is all about.

Starting Aug. 11 it will be shown 15 times on the Documentary Channel,, Insider Network, MSN Money and Canadian Business Journal.

It is a great 1 minute and 30 second video that describes what Memex Automation’s mission is.

Winner of 2013 PEM Maintenance Award for Best Maintenance – Small Plant or Facility

The winner of the 2013 Maintenance Awards for Best Maintenance – Small Plant/Facility goes to Memex Automation for providing a holistic solution for improving overall maintenance and reliability efficiencies at Rose Integration, a medium to high-complexity machining shop.

Rose Integration had 30 machines operating independently, with no way of monitoring its equipment over the company Intranet and no visibility of either individual machines or plant operations. The facility turned to Memex Automation to help them install MERLIN, an all-encompassing machine-to-management packaged solution that would improve efficiencies across the board.

The machining shop can now develop customized reports that allow the plant to monitor machine parameters over time. For instance, the system allows Rose Integration to select a specific machine (or group of machines) to find out how many times a machine went into idle mode on maintenance for schedule, or to determine when to react to preventative maintenance schedules, or to shorten or lengthen operating cycles.

Rose Integration achieved full traceability of events and a by-the-second definition of each machine’s state. After the installment, the facility was able to increase overall equipment effectiveness by 25 per cent.

PEM, along with category sponsor, Fluke Electronics Canada, congratulates Memex Automation.

PEM would like to thank the 2013 sponsors — Flir Systems Canada, Siemens Canada Ltd. and Fluke Electronics Canada — and join them in applauding the winners and all of the finalists for their outstanding dedication to maintenance best practices.

About the PEM Maintenance Awards

The PEM Maintenance Award recognizes Canadian manufacturing facilities for their maintenance excellence and asset management professionalism and rewards facilities for unique initiatives in their maintenance and reliability practices.

Category winners were announced in the March/April 2014 issue of PEM magazine.


2014 MTConnect Conference Presentations

If you weren’t able to attend the 2014 MTConnect Conference and wanted to see Memex’s presentations, you are in luck!  They are now posted.

Improved Utilization Through Machine Monitoring – by Ben Schawe
Length: 39 minutes.

MTConnecting Your Income Statement – by Dave Edstrom and Dave McPhail
Length: 39 minutes

Scaling Big Data – by Dave Edstrom
Length: 40  minutes

Control Costs with Shop Floor Monitoring

Taken from the Okuma Blog, Jeff Estes digs deeper into why machine monitoring is the key to finding where the productivity problems are so you can find and resolve them.

Profits can sneak out your door silently, unseen. But today we have tools that can help you determine where your productivity problems are, so you find and resolve them. The key is to perform shop floor monitoring and operations monitoring in addition to machine monitoring. By doing this you can view key performance indicators like parts output and quality – factors that are critical to measure so you can control your costs.

Dig Into Dashboard Data

When a job takes longer than planned, you can spend a lot of time chasing people down to try and unravel the mystery about why this is happening. Or you can quickly find out where the problem is coming from in real time, from one centralized dashboard right at your desk. Check out this video to see how to use a shop floor monitoring dashboard to pinpoint issues that may be reducing your productivity. In our example, we see:

• An Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of 22%. (Yes, this is bad!)
• Performance is only 67%. (Why?)

By digging deeper into the dashboard data, clues emerge about these problem areas. Perhaps there’s an operator that needs more training, or there’s a problem with the material or process. Having a view of where the problem comes from allows you to solve it or prevent it. Shop floor monitoring tools like those available from Memex and dataZen (members of Partners in THINC) allow you to focus your energy in the right place, so you can increase your productivity.

How are you monitoring your shop floor? Feel free to comment below, or contact us, or your local distributor, to find out how you can use shop floor monitoring. And send us your ideas for future video blogs – we’re here to help!

Jeff Estes is Director of Partners in THINC, Okuma America Corporation.

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MERLIN in operation at Rose Integration

View our video of Memex Automation’s machine tool automation technology, MERLIN installed at Rose Integration Ltd. a precision machining manufacturer in Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada. With MERLIN in place, Rose Integration has gained several benefits including an increase in machine Overall Operating Efficiency (OEE) from 40% to 82% . This video shows operations on the Rose Integration shop floor as well as the MERLIN display of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that display real-time data including machine performance, availability, quality, downtime, reject counts and part counts. MERLIN’s data forms the basis of daily team meetings at Rose to discuss operations.

November 28, 2013.

3:30 minute video.

MERLIN allows companies to see first hand the productivity and increased profitability as it happens.  Real-time visible dashboard metrics are available for the entire shop floor to see and OEE + DNC hardware and software enable your company to function at its best.  It generates work orders by an ERP system that sends accurate results back to the central ERP database.  Because it takes the data straight from the machine itself automatically, you will see your company’s production increase a minimum of 10% in operational improvement, and a 20% – 60% increase in profit, in less than 3 months.

MERLIN OEE is a time saving, and money saving solution, that will increase productivity and profitability in the long run.

Memex Live on BNN

Memex Automation’s Dave McPhail, gives an interview live on BNN, discussing manufacturing, profits and productivity.

November 28, 2013.

4 minute video.

Rose Integration Testimonial

“We have had a significant increase.  In the last year and a half we have gone from an average of 40% OEE across the shop to 82% OEE across the shop.”

– Ryan Bishop, Operations Manager


30 Second video clip


A comprehensive interview about Memex MERLIN (10 minutes)


Rose Integration on MERLIN Capacity Utilization (1 minute)


Rose Integration on QA Setup reduction (1:30 minutes)


Rose Integration on MERLIN Reports (3 minutes)


Rose Integration on MERLIN on the Internal Customer (1:30 minutes)